Unique Trackware Software

Trackware integrates automated vision inspection systems in machines for – among others – the manufacturing industry, laboratories, food industry and pharmacy.

Trackware specializes in those issues for which the usual standard equipment has no answer.

That is why Trackware has developed a unique software platform itself. Integration with existing PLC controls can be realized. Either in collaboration with the developer of the controller, or by emulating photocells or other components.

In addition, Trackware uses standard trade components from leading brands like

  • Axem
  • Balluff
  • B&R
  • Matrix Vision
  • Phoenix.
  • Rittal

Vision Technologie

Vision Technologie inspectiesystemen zijn onder te verdelen in kwaliteitscontrole, optische tekenherkenning en het sorteren van batches of individuele producten. Vision systemen zijn bedoeld om ​betrouwbare kwaliteitscontroles en 100% inspectie te bereiken op die plaatsen waar mensen dit niet kunnen of mogen.

Strong Business Case

Conventional Vision Systems are taking over more and more tasks in the manufacturing industry. Vision Systems are more capable than humans of performing objective routine and sometimes dangerous quality controls.

Vision Systems can be used 24 hours a day and are able to stay within precise tolerances even at very high production speeds.

Because labor is expensive, vulnerable and unpredictable and Vision Technology is becoming more advanced and cheaper, automation processes can speed up and production costs decrease. The business case is thus getting stronger.



Case Study Shrimp

Peeling shrimp is laborious and time consuming. Shrimp suppliers are doing everything they can to improve this process. During the processing of shrimp it turned out to be necessary to know the angle or the curve of a shrimp. Standard systems do not have “shrimp algorithms” in their library and that is why Trackware has realized a custom solution for this. You can see the result in the photo below.

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